The weapon of packaging and printing composite production line - automatic die head + swimming die head


Do you know anything about die heads?

Do you know the die head of the extrusion compound machine?

Let us know the sharp tool of the packaging and printing composite production line - automatic die head + swimming die head

The so-called swimming automatic die head means that the die head moves repeatedly in the lateral direction, which changes the position of the die head in the lateral direction of the composite film, and the edge position of the extruded film is automatically adjusted to keep the edge position stable, so as to achieve the surface of the coiled material. Flat, the surface of the coil can be as flat as biaxially stretched BOPP film! At the same time, it does not increase the loss of edge material.

Jiangmen Huilong's core technology of multi-layer extrusion compounding - swimming automatic die! The extruded composite coil is cast out by the high temperature melted resin of the extruder through a flat die, and then bonded to the substrate (or paper) for lamination, cooling, trimming and winding. The surface flatness of the composite product winding coil is one of the key technical indicators of the extrusion composite quality. The uneven surface of the coil will directly cause the composite product to be scrapped! The swimming automatic die head can ensure the flatness of the surface of the coil. Biaxially stretched substrate film (such as BOPP, BOPETI, cast (CPP, CPE), produced by thickness measurement and automatic flat die head, can obtain good surface flatness, but extrusion lamination also uses thickness measurement and automatic flat die production. The automatic die head cannot solve the flatness of the coil surface.

Swimming die

Edge loss: stable edge, cut 10-20MM (when extruding LDPE), the same as traditional

Coil surface flatness: There is no unevenness, the appearance is close to the level of BOPP, exceeding the level of CPP and CPE, and the extrusion layer is thicker and has no unevenness.